Why You Should Be Careful About Your Finance

A choice young couple was to get married within a week. They eyes indicated their great anticipation of the important event and with strong evidence of their continuing caring for one another. Both of husband and wife had the advantages: college education, good homes and cultural experiences. They delightfully shared their personalities, plans and great potentials. Their relationship already seemed to develop on a loving basis.

However, their attitude towards one particular issue raised the concern. They started to reassess their coming partnership.

To the question,

who is going to manage the money?

With surprising and shocking, their answer was

We have not talked about that yet.

How important are money management and finances in marriage and family affair? The American Bar Association has indicated, tremendously, that 89 percent of all divorces can be traced to quarrels and accusations about money. It has also been estimated that 75 percent of divorces result from financial problems. Moreover, some professional counselors indicate that four of five families are trapped with very serious money problems.

That is not to say that those marriage tragedies are cause simply by lack of money. What they have faced was the mismanagement of personal finances.

For example, a prospective wife should concern less with the amount her future husband can earn in a month, but with how he will manage the money that comes into their hands. Likewise, a prospective husband who is engaged to a sweetheart would take another look to see if she has money-management sense.

The wind and waves will periodically interfere with our chosen course, even in financial matters. In the home, money management should be on a partnership basis, with both husband and wife having a voice in decision- and policy making. Now is the time for us to review to improve our money management skills and live within our means.

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