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Traffic data

Our web server collects basic information about our visitors’ computers, including: IP address (the computer’s unique signature), operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OS X), browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape), Internet Service Provider (e.g. AOL, Earthlink) — we also collect information about what you view on the site. We aggregate this information so we know which of our services and features are popular, and so we can set up our technology in a way that optimizes the user experience.

Use of cookies

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Email newsletters and “send to a friend” feature

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BoardJournal.com offers a “send this item to a friend” feature, so we need email addresses for both of you. We do store and save these addresses but you will not receive any additional communication from BoardJournal.com or its partners as a result of having used this feature.

Linking to other sites

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Children’s guidelines

Protecting the rights of children is important to us. As a result, we do not collect or maintain any information from individuals we know to be under 13 years old.