Obtaining Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a policy that supplements your income in the event of a disability that keeps you from working and earning an income. It gives you enough to take care of your financial needs until you are able to go back to work. There are great benefits of protecting your income against a disability. It is top on the list of the causes of home foreclosure and bankruptcy. There is a 20% chance of being unable to work for up to a year of your working years due to one form of disability or the other.

If you provide for yourself and have no other person (spouse or relation) to supplement your income in case of an emergency, then disability insurance is for you. A few months out of work can erode all your savings and make you end up deep in debt or even bankrupt. Social security disability would have been an option but it is very difficult to qualify for, and if you do, the amount you receive is very low compared to your previous income. You can try it, but don’t depend on it.

The following are the steps to get disability insurance:

  1. Do some research to find a few reputable insurance companies that carry disability insurance. Confirm their standing with the Better Business Bureau in your state. Contact their representatives and get quotes from them.
  2. Decide on the company to buy your insurance from after comparing different quotes and terms. Ask for their application form. It could be sent to you via email (quicker) or by post.
  3. The insurance company’s medical examiner will contact you to set up a date for a physical examination to check your health. This is usually at no cost to you.
  4. It takes about a month to six weeks for your application to be reviewed and you are issued your disability insurance policy.

You are given the first one month to decide to stick with the program or cancel.

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