Loan Approval Regardless Of Credit?

You may wonder if it is at all possible to obtain finance regardless of your credit score and history. The problem with this question is that it implies different issues that need to be addressed separately: Is it possible to obtain financing without credit verifications? What terms may I obtain that way? Which loan types are available without credit checks? Are there other requirements?

Thus, though the answer to the main question may be yes, it depends on what you are looking for whether you’ll be able to obtain funds regardless of your credit score and history or not. Since all these issues need to be answered prior to analyzing whether you’ll be able to obtain finance, we will address them one by one.

Loans Without Credit Checks

There are loans that require no credit verifications at all. These are unsecured loans and come with different terms depending on the lender but share many things in common. The loan characteristics due to the lack of credit check, are not very advantageous for the borrower. This is obviously due to the fact that the lender needs to compensate for the high risk he is taking.

These loans receive different names according to their terms: payday loans, cash advance loans, short term loans, 24 Hs. Loans, etc. What they have in common is the fact that they provide small loan amounts, short repayment programs and that they charge high interest rates which usually take the form of fees and are calculated every $100 or $1000.

What Terms Should I Expect?

As regards to the loan amount, these loans won’t offer more than a couple of thousands dollars. As explained above, this is due to the fact that the risk implied is too high because the lender doesn’t know whether the applicant will repay the loan or not since there is no credit check ran prior to the loan approval process.

The repayment programs also never last more than a couple of months. There may be some extended repayment schedules of up to six months, but those are the exemption from the rule that is usually only a month before the loan is fully due. Again, since the longer the repayment program is, the higher the risk, the lender wants to keep it to a minimum.

What Kind Of Loans Come With No Credit Checks?

Only small amount loans and short term loans come with no credit checks. So don’t expect to obtain a car loan, home loan, home equity loan or large amount unsecured loans without credit verifications. This is an important factor that you need to fully understand in order to know whether a no credit check loan will be to your advantage. Only if you can make use of such loans should you apply for them. Otherwise, try to improve your credit in order to get approved for other loan types.

Income Requirement For Approval

Also, even if you can obtain a no credit check loan, you’ll need to meet certain income requirements in order to obtain your bad credit loan. You’ll have to show proof of a steady income so the lender can know for sure that you’ll be able to afford the monthly payments on your loan without having to make sacrifices to make ends meet.

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