How to Avoid a Home Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a curse not only for the borrower but for the lender as well. As far as the lender is concerned, he too is in dilemma that he should go for the foreclosure or not. Therefore the borrower as well as the lender wants to keep a distance from this curse. In this article you will get an idea that how you can stop foreclosure.

There are many tricks for this. Some of them are as follows:

  1. The first trick which is coming to my mind is that you should give details to the lender about your position. Suppose you are suffering from poor economy then it is pretty sure that you will not be able to pay the installments. If this is a problem then you can tell about it to the lender. You should understand that the lenders are also human being. They will certainly understand your dilemma and provide you with some option. They might transform your loan.
  2. The second trick which can be helpful for you is the short sale. This is yet an added trick. In this case the lender agrees to surrender to some level. In this kind of trick not only the borrower is in loss but the lender is also in loss. But, let me tell you one thing that with mutual understanding both of them is able to reduce the loss to a great level. Hence, short sale is unquestionably very profitable.
  3. The third thing is the loan mitigation. In order to explain the loan mitigation I would like to take the example of loan modification. In this case the lending company provides substitutes to the borrower. Some of them might turn out to be reasonable and the borrower will be able to pay the installment. Thus they will be saved from the above curse.
  4. Yet another trick is the stimulus plan of Obama. You should know that our president Obama has sanctioned some money for this purpose. You can claim your share and hence pay back your dues and you will be saved from the above curse.
  5. In fact the foreclosure problem arises when the cost of your house goes low and it is not able to recompense your loan. This means that even if you sell your house, then as well you will not be able to pay back your loan. But you should be in contact with your real estate agent. He might have some answer as well.

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