Insurance Articles

  • Tax Deductible Health Savings Account – If you have a high-deductible health insurance plan, you should be eligible for a tax deductible health savings account. What this means is that you can set up a savings account (yes, you get paid interest) to deposit money into each year. Since I am single, I can deposit up to $2,800 per year before tax. (If you have a family, I believe this limit is raised to $5,600 per year). This means that I can put $2,800 into my health savings account and write that off.
  • The Best Way to Save on Car Insurance – If your looking for the best way to save on car insurance, then your not looking at price alone. It is important to save money and it is possible, but price isn’t the only factor to look at when shopping for new insurance. Here are a couple of things to consider when shopping for new car insurance:
  • Policy Selling or Surrendering – Better Option – The better option is of course selling or settling of policy rather than surrendering it. It can be done when the situation in which the policy taken has changed. Such as:

Loans Articles

  • Easy Way Get a Car Financed With a Bad Credit – Credit rating is something everyone is worried about. There are very few people who can manage their lives without availing any loans. They are either born with all facilities pre-provided or they do not care about the world. An average social person has to take loan at some point or the other in his or her life. Many times it happens that you take a loan and cannot repay it properly, thus earning a bad reputation called bad credit score. What happens thereafter is not unknown. You fail to get your loan applications approved at the conventional banks and money lenders. But if you want to buy any vehicle, you sure can get auto loans bad credit.

Mortgage Articles

  • The Path to Real Estate Success: Marketing – If you have decided to get into the real estate business it is important to understand the right marketing strategies to stay and succeed in this business. You must set practicable goals and your goals need to be long term as well as short term. Merely deciding on the goals will not do. You must make plans to actually realize your goals.
  • How to Stop a Mortgage Foreclosure – With the current economic situation the way it is, it’s sad that people are losing their jobs and banks are raising their interest rates. Hundreds of thousands of people are under the pressure to pay their mortgage payments and debts and not everyone has the ability to sort out their payment defaults. Those about to default or are defaulting on their mortgage payments do not want to lose their property to foreclosure. So how do you, the borrower, keep from drowning in financial debt?
  • The Five Options to Consider as a Homebuyer – Buying a home can be highly stressful as it requires so much research such as searching the good one, and determining how you will be paying for it and calculating how much it will cost you in reality. And the list goes on as you will also have to decide on the option you will choose as a homebuyer. Here is a list of five home loan options to take into account.