Dec 6

 moscow millionaire fair 2007

Pay all your eyes and ears here if you happen to miss the live telecast of Moscow Millionaire Fair. Folks at Moscow Times have invested good time in capturing the heart and power of the Russian billionaires, which is growing outrageously. Model throwing moneyThe idea behind organizing Moscow Millionaire Fair is to entice the king of the lot with all eyes on bejeweled accessories. The 2007 Moscow Millionaire Fair hosted the moguls of the international luxury goods industry.

Some of the highlights included a set of diamond-covered rims that sell for $1 million (they also throw in the $250,000 Bentley Coupe and the services of a security guard), taxidermic models of extinct animals including a saber-tooth tiger and the giant skeleton of a Siberian bear, real estate offers and diamond-covered cellphones.

One of the most striking items was a Mercedes-Benz covered in swirls of Swarovski crystals but the sellers recommend that the $350,000 car only be used on special occasions, some of the crystals were already falling off. The platform also offered a rescue pill for the Russian residents getting used to bear the frigid climate by offering them tailored “cold rooms” from Criohome that can move down to -85 degrees Celsius and are considered to augment good health and even heal hangovers by residing inside it getting freezed for couple of minutes.

1million diamond rims

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