Dec 22

When living organisms such as germs or viruses invade the human body, the tissues of the body undergo changes which help them to resist the poisons of the invader. By this reaction the tissues become immune to the poisons. Much depends on the virulence of the infections, the total number of germs invading, the place where they enter the body, the tissues or structures where they settle and grow. If you are susceptible to the infection, it will attack you; it may even overcome you. If you are resistant, the tissues of your body may develop antibodies which will overcome the germs or viruses or their poisons.

Certain environmental conditions may increase or lower your resistance to infection. Chilling of the body, excessive fatigue, absence of some essential nutritional substance, as proteins, or mineral salts or vitamins, or the presence of another disease at the same time may modify the resistance of the body to an invader.

The chemical composition of the invading organism may be significant in the way in which the body responds to it. An invading substance is known as an “antigen.” Usually the response of the body to an invading germ is specific against that germ or against that type of germ. Bacteria may contain a number of antigenic substances, against each of which the body will rebuild resistance. An example of an antibody against infections is the immune globulin. This is a protein substance found in blood, in which we now know are accumulated substances that help to resist various infections such as those of measles or poliomyelitis. In man, most of the antibodies are found in the immune globulin of the blood. The amount of antibody that develops is also governed by such factors as the amount of infectious material that gets into the body. The doctors find that they can help you build resistance by repeatedly injecting small doses of an infecting substance. We know that a child gets resisting substances from its mother in her blood at the time of birth and in the first material that comes from the breast when the child begins to nurse. This is called “colostrum“. The amount of antibodies may be unfavorably affected by starvation, exposure, reduced protein intake, alcoholism, or other poisoning.

Types Of Infection

For certain diseases there are certain specific types of causative germs, such as the viruses of measles, smallpox, infantile paralysis, or the germs that cause diphtheria, typhoid, gonorrhea or meningitis. The total number of germs, viruses, rickettsia, amebas, spirochetes, or other parasites that may infect the body reaches into thousands. Many germs have been described in groups according to their appearance under the microscope such as the streptococci that grow in chains, or the staphylococci that grow in clusters. The streptococci and the staphylococci may invade any portion of the human body and set up infection.

The Common Cold

Almost anyone can tell you right off when they have a cold, and yet there is no real agreement in the medical profession as to just what a common cold is. No single germ has yet been incriminated as the causative factor nor has any group of germs or viruses been established as responsible. At present the sequence of events seems to include a first period when the lining of the nose and throat seems to respond to some foreign invading substances by reddening and congestion and a profuse flow of mucus. With this may be frequent sneezing, stuffiness, difficulty in breathing, perhaps some fever, a feeling of lassitude, and some aching of the limbs.

Colds spread rapidly from one person to another, and the resistance established by having a cold lasts a very short time. Some people have many more colds than do others; the average for the country as a whole seems to be about four colds a year. Chilling, exposure to damp, sudden changes from a dry hot air to a cold damp atmosphere, sitting in a draft, getting the feet wet, and, particularly, working or playing in crowded rooms with others who have colds seem to be important factors in the spread of respiratory diseases.

The suggestions as to how to prevent frequent colds are numerous but some doubt prevails as to whether any of them really work. You may try to keep away from contact with others who have colds, but under the crowded conditions of our civilization this is well nigh impossible. People have tried wearing face masks or gauze or paper during epidemics, but they permit contamination. Use of ultraviolet in the air has seemed to be useful but carefully controlled experiments with this technique and with spraying medicated vapors in the air have not yielded conclusive results. Mothers have tried to harden children by frequent cold baths, going without stockings, and hats and similar methods. These methods do not work, and the unnecessary hardship makes the children unhappy.

Most colds get well in from five to ten days. Complications are fortunately now controlled by the use of the sulfonamides and antibiotic drugs. Some claims hold that colds can be cured by taking an antihistaminic drug during the first twenty-four hours of invasion; most experts doubt that this is specifically helpful. The congestion in the nose is relievable by the use of decongestant preparations such as menthol, camphor, privine, amphetamine and other preparations which the doctor must prescribe. People feel more comfortable if they go to bed, take some aspirin or a small dose of an alcoholic drink. Frequently a hot bath and plenty of fluids, such as citrus drinks, secure relief. Secondary coughs are controllable with a variety of remedies. Particularly feared as a complication is secondary pneumonia. The doctor watches for signs of this in rising temperature, congestion and pain in the lungs, signs of congestion which he hears with his stethoscope, or can detect by percussion, or see certainly with the X-ray. Fortunately again, such secondary infections are now controllable with the new drugs.

Oct 27

Recently released statistics show that the condom is now an equally popular method of contraception as the pill in women under the age of 50. The Office of National Statistics surveyed 1,093 women under the age of 50 and approximately 25% of all young women (a total of 50%) now use each method. This follows a Department of Health campaign aimed at encouraging them to carry a condom. An additional 11% use partner sterilisation, 6% use self sterilisation and 11% long acting hormonal contraception. The use of NHS community contraception clinics is also on the increase, being used by 1.3 million people last year, which is an increase of 7% on the previous year.

The other advantage, noted by the head of policy at the Terrence Higgins Trust, is that a condom also offers protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). The reliability of condoms is heavily dependent on them being used consistently and correctly and for this reason, women should not become complacent. There is some evidence that, if used correctly, the condom is actually just as reliable as the pill with the chance of becoming pregnant in one year assessed at around 2%. Viagra online is the most quick-acting among erectile dysfunction drugs.

The fact that the condom offers increased protection against STI’s is the main reason cited for the increase in condom use, although half of young single people said that the publicity had not changed their behaviours regarding condom use or one-night stands. The Office of National Statistics also showed that a third of men said that their use of condoms was increasing and 6% were taking fewer risks by having vey short relationships with women that they did not know well.

The male condom is more reliable than the female version in preventing STI’s but even the male version is not 100% safe in preventing exposure to some sores such as those associated with herpes caused by the HPV virus. The male condom also has the advantage that there are few side effects apart from possibly an allergic reaction to the latex from which it is made. The pill, on the other hand, does have a number of known side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. In rare cases it can cause blood clots in the legs or lungs. In its favour, the Royal College of General Practitioners have reported that the contraceptive pill reduces the risk of developing cancer by up to 12%.

However you approach the subject, the real decision is down to you as an individual. Whilst the available evidence is that the use of condoms has significantly increased, mainly down to the fear of STI’s and other infections, the real attraction of the pill is that it allows real contact between sexual partners and also allows the man to ejaculate inside his partner. If this attraction is greater than the fear of sexually transmitted diseases then ultimately the pill will win favour and return to prominence as a method of contraception.

Sep 15

Breast implant surgery like any other surgical operation is something that should be thought about and taken under careful consideration. Many women elect to receive breast implants for many reasons.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons for having Breast Implant Surgery:

  • Sagging Due to Aging or Pregnancy Gravity induced aging and pregnancy are two most oft given reasons for women to go for breast augmentation. Pregnancy can have major effects in your cup size-from smaller or regular to fuller to dis-proportioned. It can very unflattering once they loses their firmness.
  • Reconstructive or Repair Losing a breast to any malignant illness or an accident can be devastating. For women who suffer from breast cancer or under go a mastectomy this is an unfortunate reality.
  • Self Esteem and Confidence Many women feel that having the perfect body will make them feel better. This is one of the most common reasons many women opt for breast implants because they many envy others that have larger breasts.
  • Body Proportion Many women feel that the their body type of shape is not in proportion to the size of their breasts. This is also one of the most common reasons many women opt for breast reduction surgery.
  • Different Sizes or Shapes This is very similar to the last reason in that is deals with size. Breast asymmetry is a very normal finding in many women. Sometimes women feel uncomfortable or self conscious if there is a very noticeable difference in size or shape. This can cause them to shy away from tight and revealing clothing.

Fortunately over the past 30 years breast implants and techniques have evolved into improved breast procedures. Breast augmentation enhances the size and shape of a women’s breast by either placing the implant on top of or underneath the pectoralis muscle. This procedure can improve the self esteem of a woman who for her own reasons feels her breast size is too small or misshaped.

Viagra for women helps to overcome sexual disorders of emotional and physical character.

By having breast implant surgery many women gain their confidence and see themselves in a new light. Although there may be benefits to these cosmetic procedures they are not always for everyone. It is always best to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes breast implant surgery and the pre-operative and post-operative care.

The reason for an extensive consultation is that it takes time to educate the patient about breast implant surgery. Most patients have consulted the internet prior to making their first visit to a surgeon. Some have learned about breast surgery from friends who have had augmentation mammaplasty. Exceptional results from breast augmentation can only be achieved when a surgeon and his patient are willing to invest the time to talk about and plan the procedure.

Aug 17

Satisfactory sex is the requirement of every man and woman in this world. Nobody likes to be unsatisfactory in their sex life, but the truth is bitter because 45% of men and women in the world are unsatisfactory with their sex life. Nowadays the lifestyle that we live is very fast and every one wants to achieve the success and satisfaction very fast. This same criterion is used by the new generation about the sex, but this is wrong. The new generation because of their fast aspect toward the sex is ending up the sexual encounter in a hurry and is living an unsatisfied sex life. The average time a young married couple use to engage in sex during the year 2001 was 4 to 5 times in a week, whereas the newly married couples now are only engaging in sex once or twice in a week. This lack of interest in the sex is caused due to the unsatisfied sexual encounters.

The one most important thing this generation must learn is the patience. Go slow during the sexual encounter and you will see the effect. Slow and steady sex leads to the satisfaction of both the partners. In a hurry one or the other partner remains unsatisfied and next time that partner refrains away from the sexual encounter. Thus, today’s generation should follow a simple rule, “go slow” to have a satisfactory sex life. They should always remember the story of the rabbit and the tortoise in which the slow walking tortoise wins the race. Same is the case with the sex; you should always be slow to enjoy the sex to its fullest. Everybody should remember that sex is not any act that should be used only to have a penetrative sex, but it is the pleasure giving activity in which the two bodies and souls get one and get confined throughout the life in an unbreakable bond of love.

Sex is the passionate activity and should never be done in a fast and mechanical way. It is not just the penetrative act or the act done for growing your progeny. Sex is the activity that is done to achieve that pleasurable experience of the orgasm that makes you close to the real truth in the world. Please remember that sex is not a sin that you should engage in it only as a duty to give birth to your child. Sex is a blessing given by the god to the mankind to keep them healthy and live a happy and fulfilling life. Thus, it is very important for everybody to understand sex and engage in it more and more to live a happy life. It is also now been proved that individuals who engage in sex frequently are found to be living longer than other individuals. The most important thing to make your sex life passionate is to go slow about the sex. Always give an ample time for the sex that will help to explore more sex and learn and know more about your partner. This will make you engage more times in the sexual activity.

Slow and steady wins the race. Slow pace in the sex makes it more enjoyable and turn it into a satisfactory experience. To have a satisfactory sexual experience it is very necessary that both the partners should have an ultimate orgasm. There is very much difference between the men orgasm and the women orgasm. Men take 3 to 4 minutes to reach the orgasm, whereas women require about 12 to 15 minutes to reach an orgasm. Many a times due to the fast pace taken by men, women remain unsatisfied as they don’t reach the orgasm. Thus, men should understand this difference and should go slow with the things. Enjoy fantastic sex and long erections with new viagra.

The first and foremost step that can help men to prolong their capacity is starting with the foreplay. Foreplay allows the men to hold on for the time until their partner reaches the same level of arousal that they have attained. Oral sex can also help the men to improve their performance during the sexual activity. This way you give a lot of time for the sex and finally the sex transforms in the wonderful sexual experience for both the partners. Hence, it is very necessary to go slow to have a satisfactory sex.

Jul 7

You see, I’ve came across some foods which really tempt your body to BURN more fatty tissue than what it usually would, which means just by eating some of them, you are able to get your body to by nature use up that stashed away fat which you have always despised.

It seems like more and more of us need to lose weight.The contemporary “power foods” of nowadays feed us so a lot vitality, salt, sugar, fat, etc that our bodies just don’t know what to manage with it all and so just “keep it for later on”… except later on never comes. And so matched with the inactive lives that a lot of of us nowadays lead, it’s virtually a formula for disaster! So much so that with a lot of of us can no longer execute elementary exercises without getting tired; in fact… Have you ever been so dog-tired when walking around in the shopping mall, that you’ve had to have a 5 minute intermission Just so you could catch your breath. As we age, we find that our metabolism slows down to a crawl. And even with decreased appetites, we simply aren’t able to exercise enough to burn off those extra calories. That is why so many people are turning to a full strength, safe and effective fda approved diet pill when we need to lose weight. It provides the extra help we need as we get older to ensure that those couple extra pounds don’t collect and weigh us down. Check out the latest weight loss supplements for yourself.

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When you are severely overweight, as my sister is and I was, sometimes diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. Sure, in a perfect world simply eating less and taking brisk walks would keep everyone in peak physical condition – but for those who have a harder time due to decreased metabolism or other problems, it’s important to find canadian diet pills that work. And there are plenty of outstanding alternatives available, whether you need to reduce fat absorption or help curb your appetite. My sister has found the diet pills that work best for her.

Have you ever considered trying to buy canadian weight loss pills online? It’s becoming more and more common. For one thing, you won’t have to risk anyone seeing you and knowing that you are on a weight loss plan. And after all, isn’t part of the fun of dieting surprising people with your amazing, slim new body? Another reason to buy diet pills online is how easy it is to compare features and benefits of all the top brands. Whether you need a fat blocker, something to speed your metabolism, or an appetite suppressant you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

These have been all over the TV so I figured I check into them. Xenical pill displays are everywhere so you know they’re pretty safe. It reduces the amount of fat your body actually absorbs, so you need to follow a healthy diet and do some light exercise while taking the xenical to see the best results. Lots of people are talking about some sort of side effects. I did not notice any. Just take a capsule three times a day with meals containing fat content, and watch as the pounds melt away – talk about the perfect diet solution for me. Best of all it’s not as expensive as other diet pills!

Dec 5

Patients usually got better in two weeks with or without meds, study says

Just in time for runny nose season, new research suggests routine sinus infections aren’t really helped by antibiotics and other medicine that’s often prescribed.

In the British study, people suffering from facial pain and a runny nose with greenish or yellowish mucous generally improved within about two weeks — whether they took the standard antibiotic amoxicillin, steroid nose spray or fake medicine.

The results, based on patients’ reporting whether their symptoms had improved, echo previous findings in children.

Antibiotics, particularly the penicillinlike drug amoxicillin, are among the most commonly prescribed medicines for sinus infections.

Steroid sprays sometimes are used, but the study found they also were no better than dummy drugs, although they appeared to provide some relief for patients with only minor symptoms.

The study should lead to a “reconsideration of antibiotic use for acute sinusitis. The current view that antibiotics are effective can now be challenged, particularly for the routine cases which physicians treat,” said lead author Dr. Ian Williamson of the University of Southampton in England.

Physicians can focus on effective remedies that improve symptom control,” which include ibuprofen and other over-the-counter painkillers, Williamson said.

Inhaling steam and squirting salt water into the nose to flush out thick mucous are among other methods that sometimes provide relief, he said.

The study appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers randomly assigned 240 adults to receive one of four treatments: 500 milligrams of amoxicillin three times daily for seven days and 400 units of steroid spray for 10 days; only amoxicillin; only steroid spray; or fake medicine.

Patients on the drugs didn’t get better quicker than those using the placebo.

Sinus infections are diagnosed in about 31 million Americans each year and are among the most common reasons for doctor visits.

Nov 17

early sexual activityTeens who start having sex at an early age may be less likely to engage in delinquent behavior in early adulthood than teens who wait until they’re older to have sex, a new U.S. study finds.

The findings contradict the widely held belief that early sexual activity is associated with later drug use, criminality, antisocial behavior, and emotional problems. For example, two studies published earlier this year in the same journal found a link between early teen sex and later behavioral problems.

“We got a very surprising finding, particularly that early sex seems to forecast less antisocial behavior a few years later, rather than more,” lead researcher Kathryn Paige Harden, a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia, said in a prepared statement.

From their analysis of data on 534 same-sex twin pairs collected between 1998 and 2007, the researchers also concluded that sex at an earlier age may help teens develop better social relationships in early adulthood.

The study is published in the current online edition of the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

“There is a cultural assumption in the United States that if teens have sex early, it is somehow bad for their psychological health. But we actually found that teens who had sex earlier seem to have better relationships later. Now we want to find out why,” she said.

In the next phase of this research, Harden plans to closely examine the contexts of early teen sexual activity, such as the types of relationships, the age of the partners, where the sex occurred and why, and how long, the relationships lasted.

“Our hypothesis as a result of this finding is that teens who become involved in intimate romantic relationships early are having sex early and more often, but that those intimate relationships might later protect them from becoming involved in delinquent acts,” Harden said.

Nov 11

A man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection depends on the healthy operation of a network of systems that cause vascular tissue in the penis to fill with blood. For an erection to take place, the nerves to the penis must function properly, an adequate blood supply must circulate to the penis, and the penis must receive a stimulus from the brain. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the term used to describe a malfunction in one of these systems. Estimates of the number of American men who suffer from erectile dysfunction range from 15 million to 30 million, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Premature ejaculation, a low sperm count that results in infertility, or a low sex drive are not the same as erectile dysfunction, though one or more of these conditions may accompany ED. Occasional failure to achieve an erection (less than 20 percent of the time) can occur for a variety of reasons–drinking too much alcohol, for example, or extreme fatigue–and is not considered unusual. But failure to achieve an erection more than 50 percent of the time usually indicates a problem that requires treatment. Though erectile dysfunction is much more common in older men (researchers estimate that roughly half of men over age 60 have ED), the condition is not considered normal at any age.

Erectile dysfunction is associated with a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions including diabetes, excess weight, atherosclerosis, prostate surgery, depression, stress, performance anxiety, kidney disease, and hormonal imbalances. Over 200 prescription medications can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect, as can smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs. A number of therapies exist to treat the condition.