Dec 4

A choice young couple was to get married within a week. They eyes indicated their great anticipation of the important event and with strong evidence of their continuing caring for one another. Both of husband and wife had the advantages: college education, good homes and cultural experiences. They delightfully shared their personalities, plans and great potentials. Their relationship already seemed to develop on a loving basis.

However, their attitude towards one particular issue raised the concern. They started to reassess their coming partnership.

To the question,

who is going to manage the money?

With surprising and shocking, their answer was

We have not talked about that yet.

How important are money management and finances in marriage and family affair? The American Bar Association has indicated, tremendously, that 89 percent of all divorces can be traced to quarrels and accusations about money. It has also been estimated that 75 percent of divorces result from financial problems. Moreover, some professional counselors indicate that four of five families are trapped with very serious money problems.

That is not to say that those marriage tragedies are cause simply by lack of money. What they have faced was the mismanagement of personal finances.

For example, a prospective wife should concern less with the amount her future husband can earn in a month, but with how he will manage the money that comes into their hands. Likewise, a prospective husband who is engaged to a sweetheart would take another look to see if she has money-management sense.

The wind and waves will periodically interfere with our chosen course, even in financial matters. In the home, money management should be on a partnership basis, with both husband and wife having a voice in decision- and policy making. Now is the time for us to review to improve our money management skills and live within our means.

Jun 1

High dividend paying stocks are always compelling and provide significant advantages in even the bullish market. Shareholders can acquire profit gains in the form of regular dividends and companies that pay dividends are highly pretty profitable during volatile stock market condition. Fortunately, the recent tax law changes have made almost all dividends to be taxed at just 15 % of what was taxed before.

Among so many companies that have paid attractive dividends, Compania Cervecerias Unidas are the biggest dividend yielder. Being the leading producer of best-selling beer wine, bottled waters and nectars, Compania Cervecerias Unidas is one of the biggest diversified beverage company established and servicing from Chile and Argentina that has been producing beverages and soft drinks under the license of Cadburry Scheweppes, Pepesico and other popular brands. This strongest dividend payer possesses a proud dividend yield of 4.32 %. They are also the second largest brewer of Chile that comes with American depository receipts of up to around 12 % annually.

Another high dividend paying stocks that has produced attractive dividend is the Bank of America. With around 60,000 banks worldwide along with other operations, Bank of America is the largest financial service provider that has made it to the screen with a high dividend yield of 4.37 % dividend paying standout. JPMorgan Chase is the popular credit card company of U.S that yields a dividend pay of same 4.37 % that equals the dividend yield produced by Bank of America. The stock they produced this year is down by 5 %. Lan Airlines is a regional airline that also produces high dividend yield of 4.47 %. Alliance Resource Partners and Natural Resource Partners are coal industries that yield 5.43 % and 5.06 % of dividend yield. Another biggest estate investment trust in New York is the iStar Financial that has also been identified with a dividend yield of 6.74 %. The different screen of dividend yield standouts provided by various companies in the year 2009 can be easily accessed via online resources such as screeners created by columnists.

As per the recent research, a minimum dividend yield of 4.25 % is required for the significant up-liftment of the present weak market condition. Cheaper stocks are fundamentally weak and closing price of at least $ 15 is required a share. The present screens are based on various parameters that decide the market reformation at the near future. The wise thing to do now is to pick hot stocks amongst others so as to increase payments. As a result, you can considerably increase your dividend yield that in turn drives the stock much higher. If this the condition that prevails regarding the dividend yields, experts say that the dividend will continue with any change for the coming year also.

May 17

Countless parents pay a lot of money to assist their children acquire the best professional training but forget to forfeit the little essential to help them acquire the skills of managing their education paybacks- salaries.

Financial decisions are almost attached to every aspect of our lives and this is what makes financial literacy very important to both parents and their children as they grow up.

Why teach your kids about money

There are several benefits a child can gather from being wise on money matters, some of which my include the following.

Children can administer their own incomes that parents provide now by spending on necessities while avoiding extravagance.

A child will value savings and investment decisions. Money matters education along with parent’s intervention on the child’s financial use enables him or her to think and take action about tomorrow.

A child becomes independent when still young. How many parents have brought up grown-ups who remain parasites even when it is obvious that they should be out of the nest and facing the world on their own?

Children who grow up understanding that earning money requires handwork, determination and smart spending and saving decisions, can be said to be self-sufficient.

Becoming an entrepreneur is thought out to be inborn for some people while others are made.

Your child could later become his or her own boss in a business and if they will be financial literate then, it will make them strategic business and money planners.

Simple ways a parent can use to train kids personal finance

Soon after he/she learns counting, introduce them to money. To do this, parents need to be patient with the kids as they take these lessons. Normally they understand fast by observing a repeated money lesson.

Open up your own money values, saving it, growing it, and most notably spending it and this means as a parent you need to consider how well you master your own finances.

Assist them in making distinctions between needs, wants and luxuries. Not understanding these ends up in overspending and really bad debts even to the adults.

Emphasize on setting spending goals every time kids request for money, or items, to discourage impulse buying; in other words, let them learn the process of budgeting.

Initiate the principle of savings against spending and demonstrate how swift money grows.

This will begin if you showed them how to list their needs in order of priorities and emphasize on spending based on urgency not luxury, when cash is limited. Involving them in shopping will sharpen spending skills more.

Allow them to participate in opening their own bank saving plan by letting them accompany you there.

Some parents open many of such plans on behalf of their kids and say nothing until a time to join college comes.

One way of raising a completely responsible child is by leaving them to be vulnerable on financial issues, and without you around, they will find a solution to the problem.

Let them participate to such easy tasks as opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, collage loans, and the like, only come in if they need any clarifications.

Keep your distance and allow your children make their financial decisions on their own, whether good or poor.

The bad ones motivate them to be careful with money tomorrow while good ones mean they are progressively getting on track on their own.

One way you can enhance this process is by all means training them how to keep track of the money they have spent, invested or saved by maintaining good records.

Paying a personal finance management course for your collage going child or talk them into paying if they are already done and independent is the best decision a parent may never regret why they made it.

May 3

Here’s a little story. There was a 16 year old boy who won a thousand dollars in a contest. He lived in a run-down tenement block. A smart kid, he learned the basics of financial management in school, so he decided to invest his prize money in stocks. 

Fast forward eight years, his investment brought him $200,000. This, in turn, he used to put up a car rental company, which eventually made him a millionaire in a couple of years.

Too good to be true? Not exactly. Scenarios like these happen, as facts show.

Small business owners become millionaires, even billionaires, with the right decisions and actions. Not having a lot of money to invest now is not a hindrance to making a bundle on your investments later. You can take out a small instant payday loan, invest it wisely, repay the loan, and see how your investments grow.

But before you turn into an investor, there are two important things you should think about first. One is to make your investments based on your needs. With this, time is the key. A good amount of time is needed for any investment to grow. Professional investors have a term for it: investment time horizon. It simply means how soon you want to earn from your investments.

The great thing is there are many kinds of investments and you can choose from these to fit your needs and financial resources. You can have short term investments, like time deposits, that you can use within months or a year. If you have time to wait for your investments within the next three to six years, then a medium-term investment is good for you. Cash is okay but stocks and bonds are better since their value is higher. But if you want your investments to earn more, think about long-term investments that take ten years or so to fully appreciate and mature. Remember that smart kid in our little story? It took eight years for his investment to grow to a big amount. With this kind of investment, better look for a stable institution to invest your hard-earned money in for years to come.

The second important thing to think about before you make your first investment is to go beyond the expected risks and challenges. Given the financial hard times, you would think twice before investing and taking cash loans for it. You’ve read and heard stories of crashes in the stock market where values of shares come crashing down. There’s really no way of saying that your investments are solidly safe. That’s why you have to consider where you’ll place your hard-earned cash.

If you’re short of cash, look to payday advances; they’re easy and fast and a more feasilble option that getting a larger loan amount that you don’t necessarily need. You don’t have to wait for days or even bear long lines because the application process is done online.

Investing might be an alien concept to you but it’s worth your time and effort to look into it. It’s up to you to choose which type of investment will work for your needs and lifestyle. So, are you ready to make your money grow?