Jun 22

The Marussia Concept is a design study of a supercar created by Russian Igor Krasnov. The exterior design is characterized by sharp edges and the rear jet afterburner-inspired tail lights.

Created by Russian Igor Krasnov, Marussia is a rear-engined supercar which mixes design cues fom various contemporary supercars, from the Ferrari F430 to the Lamborghini Reventon.

The most distinctive feature is the original rear end, characterized by the twin tail lights inspired by military jet afterburners.

Russian Presents Supercar Marussia

Jun 16

As it is with most industries, the mortgage business has terminology used exclusively within the world of home loans. When securing a mortgage, especially for the first time, you may find your head buzzing with that new terminology. Does your mortgage have a fixed rate or is it an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)? If you’re taking out a second mortgage, is it a “closed end” second or a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)? What is your DTI (debt to income ratio)? LTV is another acronym commonly used when discussing a loan program. Standing for Loan to Value, LTV can be defined several ways – and it has big implications for how much equity you have, and the size of a loan you can get.

Simply speaking, LTV refers to the percentage that results when the amount you owe on the loan is divided by the home’s value. Thus, if your loan is for $80,000 on a $100,000 home, your loan to value would be 80,000 divided by 100,000 or 80%. That also means that you have 20% equity in your home, or $20,000 of equity value in this scenario. Another way to think about loan-to-value is the opposite of equity. Equity is determined by subtracting the amount owed from the value of the home and would also register as a percentage when the difference is divided by the value of the home. You will find that the percentage LTV and the percentage of equity will always add up to 100%.

Cumulative Loan to Value or CLTV (sometimes referred to as “combined loan to value”) refers the total amount owed. It comes into play most often when two loans must be taken into consideration. For instance, if you are securing a first mortgage for 80% of the home’s value and a second mortgage for 15% of the home’s value, the LTV of the first is 80% and the LTV for the second is 15%, but the CLTV is 95% as the sum of both loans is equal to 95% of the home’s value. In this scenario, your equity is 5% of the home’s value.

When you apply for a loan, LTV and / or CLTV will be taken into account and will be used to determine several things depending on the mortgage program you’re using. For most programs, you’ll need a certain minimum credit score to qualify for higher loan-to-value.

The program may be available at a higher LTV if you have a higher credit score. The logic is that the higher loan-to-value, the more risky the loan is for your lender. The lender may also determine the need for personal mortgage insurance based on the LTV, requiring it for greater loan-to-value ratio and waiving it for lower percentages.

You’ll want to be aware of the percentage LTV on your loan and know the implications associated with it. Based on the LTV, some lenders may give you a better deal than others. This will help you be an educated consumer and choose, with the help of a loan officer, exactly the right program for you.

Jun 7

The younger generation do not typically give Life Insurance a second thought, knowing that death and illness is more often than not the domain of the old and weary. However, most young people eventually start their own families and at this point they will feel a sudden and unavoidable wave of sensibility.

With the birth of a child and the beginnings of a new family comes great responsibility, and it is certainly one of the most influential life events you will come across. The impact on your finances will be immeasurable, so lets just say it will be an added burden that needs careful preparation. It is reported that as of 2009 the cost of bringing up a child to the age of 21 is around £200,000 on average. If you are reading this and you are the main source of income for a young family, can you afford not to have life insurance?

Whilst it is a touchy subject, and one which people would rather not think about, taking out a level term life insurance policy could pay dividends should the worst happen. If the main source income is suddenly cut off due to a terminal illness or an unexpected death, how would the rest of the family cope? Therefore, piece of mind is the usual driving factor behind those taking out a life insurance policy.

In exchange for a monthly fee, the simplest form of Life Insurance will cover such things such as debt, education, funeral costs, mortgages/rent and day care. However, you will find there are many different life insurance products out there to suit all requirements.

Jun 6

Struggling to meet spending commitments? While taking out a credit card could be an effective means of tackling money management problems, borrowers should ensure that they do not fall into the trap of getting themselves into an untenable financial position.

In a Money-AU article, Sharat urges people not to make one of the several common mistakes when it comes to credit cards. One of these, “which is something that nearly everyone does“, is purchasing unnecessary items on plastic.

This, the Money-AU.com writer states, can be avoided by taking the time to regularly examine credit card statements, something which could allow them to recognise what expenditure is wasteful.

Meanwhile, those looking for an effective means of keeping on to top of credit card expenditure may also wish to search for a product offers an interest free period on purchases.

Furthermore, borrowers are urged to ensure they are getting the most competitive deal possible.

Stating that the majority of people are too lazy to scour the market for a credit card coming with a good rate interest deal, the article states consumers should be particularly wary of rates provided on unsolicited credit card offers.

Those that have had money management problems in the past however were advised that they are unlikely to be able to obtain the most competitive rates or terms.

In addition, people need to make sure that they make repayments on their card on time, not only so that they avoid facing a fine from their card issuer but also they avoid incurring damage to their financial report, something that could impact upon their ability to access credit later on in life.

An earlier Money-AU article stated that while a 0% balance transfer deal can be an effective way of shift debts, borrowers should ensure they do not use the credit card for any purpose other than repaying what they owe.

Jun 5

When you wish to cash out equity in your home without having to pay anything on a monthly basis, a reverse mortgage is what you should choose. Reverse mortgages are primarily meant for seniors aged 62 and above. Whether you wish to supplement retirement and social security income, pay for healthcare or home improvements, reverse mortgages can provide you with tax free cash flow in lump sum amount or through monthly installments. Given below are 7 helpful tips for those willing to avail reverse mortgages.

  1. Ask questions: When you approach a lender for a reverse home loan, ask him questions such that you understand the terms and conditions of the mortgage clearly. Accept the loan offer only when you’re clear about how it works and whether it can serve our purpose.
  2. It’s worth waiting till you’re older: The older you are, the higher can be the loan amount you may qualify for.
  3. How to get the funds: There are different ways to receive funds in a reverse mortgage. You need to understand whether you want equal monthly payments, lump sum cash, a line of credit or a combination of monthly checks and line of credit.
  4. Know your liabilities: When you take out a reverse mortgage on your home, you need to keep paying the property taxes, home insurance premiums and maintenance costs. Your loan may become due if you don’t fulfill these responsibilities.
  5. Beware of scams: Mortgage scams are quite common these days. The scammers target senior homeowners and offer to help them in finding a reverse mortgage lender in exchange for a fee. This fee is a small percentage of the loan amount available to the senior homeowner. It’s better to avoid getting into such deals as you don’t know what you may end up with. The best thing is to contact a HUD approved reverse
    mortgage counselor in order to check out your eligibility and explore options you may consider.
  6. Consider the loan costs: The costs of taking out the loan are quite high. You can pay a part of the costs in cash while the rest can be added to the loan amount. So, what you need to do is, compare the costs on different loan programs before you choose the one that suits you.
  7. Find if you’ll qualify for Medicaid: Reverse mortgage may affect your eligibility to qualify for public benefits such as Social Security benefits and Medicaid. No doubt, reverse mortgage is a good option to generate cash flow from the equity in your home. But you need to make sure that you’re well aware of how it works and how best it can help you.

Jun 4

Everyone who has an income can get a car loan, that’s no secret. The difference lies in each and every borrower. A great offer and elastic conditions makes them available to most anybody and with very few restrictions. As a natural consequence, not all that is offered is the most practical and convenient solution for each personal case.

No Matter What Your Condition Is

Yes, nowadays it’s easier than ever to get a car loan. There are so many offers going around, that it becomes difficult to make a choice. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, or just want to save important cash so as to go on a weekend getaway with your brand new car. There is at least one option for each financial situation.

If you do have bad credit, you will get your loan, all right. There will just be a difference of maybe 1% on interest rates. What you must be aware of is the differences between lenders.

An Important Point To Consider

My suggestion is to go out with a notebook and pencil and jot down the three main items that you need to consider when buying a car:

  1. Price
  2. Loan conditions
  3. Insurance

Then, start investigating: The Internet will give you hundreds more options than going around personally, saving time and effort.

Take your time to search on the webpages, since all the information is there. You just have to find it.

Why Talk About The Price When You’re Just Looking For A Loan?

That’s exactly the point. You are NOT just looking for a loan. You want to buy a car! Most car loan brokers have offices in other parts of the country that they move so as to get you the best deal for the type of car you want.

Now, The Loan Itself

After you have taken note of which car loan broker can assist you in the purchase, take note of the conditions. That is, if they are not advertised, ask for a quote. Generally this is the case, since everything is variable, according to the individual customer. An employee, for example, can apply for a novated lease, in agreement with his or her employer. This means that the payment is made by the employer and takes it off your salary.

Third Consideration, The Insurance

Many loan brokers will offer a good insurance deal too. The more they give in a stock package, the better it is for you and the all the better for them too, obviously. Again, their contacts come into the picture, to get you the best possible insurance conditions. Just in case you are thinking, “Why should they get better conditions when they are not buying the car for themselves?” They get wholesale prices, because they have hundreds of cases just like yours!

One Last Thing…

Also look out for anything that looks attractive on the webpage and look into it. You might spot something that others don’t offer, or maybe a feature that will give you assurance of the reliability of the broker.

Jun 4

In present financial scenario, plenty of us can’t help but to get into and live of credit to some degree and a common way in which plenty of us use credit cards. Though, it is crucial that you don’t misuse your credit card and that you are prudent about how and which credit card you use, as otherwise you could end up paying too much for your credit borrowing, which is something we can all do without these days.

Industry officials suggest that people with decent credit rating might still be able to get good deals on credit cards, and so you could still take advantage from keeping an eye on credit card rates by comparing credit cards and switching your card or provider in periodical basis, as this can assist you maintain interest payments down, and helps to make sure that best deal available for your requirements.

The other tip is to make sure that you move your credit card debt if you are paying over the excess in terms of payments. If you have a high interest credit card with a balance on it, try to switch for 0% balance transfer credit card deal, where you can avoid paying interest at all as long as you clear the balance within the interest free period.

People looking for a credit car to buy things should look for 0% purchase credit card deal, as these offer interest free period for an expanded length of time, so you have more time to repay what you owe for purchases without having to pay any interest on purchase that can save your good amount of money.

The other factor that experts recommend consumers to do is make sure that repayments on their credit card balances are made in time and for at least minimum amount needed, as otherwise high charges might be applied to the account, which will bump up what you owe. Try not to make cash withdrawals on your card, as this will be a subject of high fees.

Jun 4

Pending home sales tracks the number of signed contracts. A signed contract is the beginning of the final steps of buying you new home. It generally takes a month or two to get to closing and ownership. The National Association of Realtors, or NAR, existing home sales tracks the number of actual closing.


real estate

Americans signing contracts last month to buy homes increased 6.7%, the largest increase in seven years. That is really good news for the economy and you too if you have bought a home recently. Let me explain. As the economy improves and people spend more money, the US bond yields will rise as investors look for other more profitable places for their money. This will drive up interest rates, as is already happening.

The 33% of those contracts were signed in the North and North east part of the country while

the Midwest carried 9.8%. The Midwest had an increase of 1.8% and the South fell, again, .2%.

Right now the foreclosure market and tax incentives are helping home sales. As the momentum increases, builders and sellers will start to take advantage of simple supply and demand laws. Supply decreases, demand increases and prices rise. This could take several months, even a year, or it could start tomorrow. No one knows for sure.

The previous pending home sales figures from last month was 3.2%. Analysts had predicted an increase of .4%. The actual number blew the predictions away. This could just be an influx of first time buyers taking advantage of the revised $8000 tax credit, or it could be from an improvement in consumer confidence and people not willing to take the chance and wait for further decreases in price. Again, no one knows for sure.

Ken Mayland of Clear view economics says”The market is crawling back and maybe the turn is here.” He added that the foreclosures moving through thought the market is a sign of impending recovery.Certainly the more home sales improve the better chance the economy in general has of a full recovery.On the other hand other economists such as Sal Guatieri of BMO Capital are not so optimistic. He laments”there are to many headwinds for home buyers. Tight credit, mounting job losses and fears of further price declines. The housing market is showing no signs of a bottom.” The very nature of the disagreement among analysts and economist suggest some sort of equilibrium.

Coldwell Banker has sent lobbyists to Washington to ask the Government for a $15,000 tax credit for all home buyers, not just the first timers. This would take an enormous amount of capital and with the deficit already so large it would take a lot of convincing. Remember the more money that is puty out into the economy the more interest rates are likely to rise.

It’s ultimately your decision to either wait the market out and hope rates drop and prices remain low or to get in your new home before inflation comes and prices rise. One thing is for sure, the market will recover it’s just a guessing game as to when.

Jun 3

You may wonder if it is at all possible to obtain finance regardless of your credit score and history. The problem with this question is that it implies different issues that need to be addressed separately: Is it possible to obtain financing without credit verifications? What terms may I obtain that way? Which loan types are available without credit checks? Are there other requirements?

Thus, though the answer to the main question may be yes, it depends on what you are looking for whether you’ll be able to obtain funds regardless of your credit score and history or not. Since all these issues need to be answered prior to analyzing whether you’ll be able to obtain finance, we will address them one by one.

Loans Without Credit Checks

There are loans that require no credit verifications at all. These are unsecured loans and come with different terms depending on the lender but share many things in common. The loan characteristics due to the lack of credit check, are not very advantageous for the borrower. This is obviously due to the fact that the lender needs to compensate for the high risk he is taking.

These loans receive different names according to their terms: payday loans, cash advance loans, short term loans, 24 Hs. Loans, etc. What they have in common is the fact that they provide small loan amounts, short repayment programs and that they charge high interest rates which usually take the form of fees and are calculated every $100 or $1000.

What Terms Should I Expect?

As regards to the loan amount, these loans won’t offer more than a couple of thousands dollars. As explained above, this is due to the fact that the risk implied is too high because the lender doesn’t know whether the applicant will repay the loan or not since there is no credit check ran prior to the loan approval process.

The repayment programs also never last more than a couple of months. There may be some extended repayment schedules of up to six months, but those are the exemption from the rule that is usually only a month before the loan is fully due. Again, since the longer the repayment program is, the higher the risk, the lender wants to keep it to a minimum.

What Kind Of Loans Come With No Credit Checks?

Only small amount loans and short term loans come with no credit checks. So don’t expect to obtain a car loan, home loan, home equity loan or large amount unsecured loans without credit verifications. This is an important factor that you need to fully understand in order to know whether a no credit check loan will be to your advantage. Only if you can make use of such loans should you apply for them. Otherwise, try to improve your credit in order to get approved for other loan types.

Income Requirement For Approval

Also, even if you can obtain a no credit check loan, you’ll need to meet certain income requirements in order to obtain your bad credit loan. You’ll have to show proof of a steady income so the lender can know for sure that you’ll be able to afford the monthly payments on your loan without having to make sacrifices to make ends meet.

Jun 1

High dividend paying stocks are always compelling and provide significant advantages in even the bullish market. Shareholders can acquire profit gains in the form of regular dividends and companies that pay dividends are highly pretty profitable during volatile stock market condition. Fortunately, the recent tax law changes have made almost all dividends to be taxed at just 15 % of what was taxed before.

Among so many companies that have paid attractive dividends, Compania Cervecerias Unidas are the biggest dividend yielder. Being the leading producer of best-selling beer wine, bottled waters and nectars, Compania Cervecerias Unidas is one of the biggest diversified beverage company established and servicing from Chile and Argentina that has been producing beverages and soft drinks under the license of Cadburry Scheweppes, Pepesico and other popular brands. This strongest dividend payer possesses a proud dividend yield of 4.32 %. They are also the second largest brewer of Chile that comes with American depository receipts of up to around 12 % annually.

Another high dividend paying stocks that has produced attractive dividend is the Bank of America. With around 60,000 banks worldwide along with other operations, Bank of America is the largest financial service provider that has made it to the screen with a high dividend yield of 4.37 % dividend paying standout. JPMorgan Chase is the popular credit card company of U.S that yields a dividend pay of same 4.37 % that equals the dividend yield produced by Bank of America. The stock they produced this year is down by 5 %. Lan Airlines is a regional airline that also produces high dividend yield of 4.47 %. Alliance Resource Partners and Natural Resource Partners are coal industries that yield 5.43 % and 5.06 % of dividend yield. Another biggest estate investment trust in New York is the iStar Financial that has also been identified with a dividend yield of 6.74 %. The different screen of dividend yield standouts provided by various companies in the year 2009 can be easily accessed via online resources such as screeners created by columnists.

As per the recent research, a minimum dividend yield of 4.25 % is required for the significant up-liftment of the present weak market condition. Cheaper stocks are fundamentally weak and closing price of at least $ 15 is required a share. The present screens are based on various parameters that decide the market reformation at the near future. The wise thing to do now is to pick hot stocks amongst others so as to increase payments. As a result, you can considerably increase your dividend yield that in turn drives the stock much higher. If this the condition that prevails regarding the dividend yields, experts say that the dividend will continue with any change for the coming year also.