Jun 30

The algae bloom covered 200 square kilometres (80 square miles) and was about 13 kilometres (eight miles) offshore and floating towards the coastal city of Jiaonan in Shandong province, Xinhua news agency said.

The local branch of the State Oceanic Administration, which monitors marine conditions, is sending boats in a bid to clear the algae, it said.

Algae blooms are typically caused by pollution in China and suck up huge amounts of oxygen needed by marine wildlife to survive and leave a foul stench when they wash up on beaches, the report added.

In August 2008, a large offshore algae bloom threatened the sailing competition of the Olympic Games when it engulfed waters surrounding the event’s venue in the eastern China city of Qingdao, near Jiaonan.

Up to 10,000 soldiers and volunteers were enlisted to clean up more than a million tonnes of the foul-smelling algae as they raced to clear the waters in time for the Olympics.

According to a 2008 State Oceanic Administration report, raw sewage and pollution from agricultural run-off has polluted 83 percent of China’s coastal waters, leading to algae pollution and other problems.

In 2008, China’s coastal waters witnessed 68 red tides — another type of algae bloom — covering 13,700 square kilometres (5,500 square miles), an increase of more than 2,100 square kilometres over 2007, the report said.

Apr 30

Disability insurance is a policy that supplements your income in the event of a disability that keeps you from working and earning an income. It gives you enough to take care of your financial needs until you are able to go back to work. There are great benefits of protecting your income against a disability. It is top on the list of the causes of home foreclosure and bankruptcy. There is a 20% chance of being unable to work for up to a year of your working years due to one form of disability or the other.

If you provide for yourself and have no other person (spouse or relation) to supplement your income in case of an emergency, then disability insurance is for you. A few months out of work can erode all your savings and make you end up deep in debt or even bankrupt. Social security disability would have been an option but it is very difficult to qualify for, and if you do, the amount you receive is very low compared to your previous income. You can try it, but don’t depend on it.

The following are the steps to get disability insurance:

  1. Do some research to find a few reputable insurance companies that carry disability insurance. Confirm their standing with the Better Business Bureau in your state. Contact their representatives and get quotes from them.
  2. Decide on the company to buy your insurance from after comparing different quotes and terms. Ask for their application form. It could be sent to you via email (quicker) or by post.
  3. The insurance company’s medical examiner will contact you to set up a date for a physical examination to check your health. This is usually at no cost to you.
  4. It takes about a month to six weeks for your application to be reviewed and you are issued your disability insurance policy.

You are given the first one month to decide to stick with the program or cancel.

Apr 20

Within the last decade, the amount of small businesses around the world has increased greatly. Many people have started their own small businesses due to the lack of work and jobs in some areas and some people have started their own businesses because it has always been their dream.

For whatever reason a person has to start their own business, they will likely need a small business loan at some point to help them with various costs that are associated with running a personal business.

Traditionally, people sought after larger financial institutions for their small business loan needs, but these days the larger banks are not doing as well as they once were. Independent lenders are now the preferred option of many small business owners when they need a small business loan.

In all reality, there is virtually no person that has not been effected by the banking crisis in some way. Whether you use banks or not, you will be effected. Since this crisis has began, the value of the pound in the UK has been declining, even more so than the American dollar and Japanese Yen.

However, the American $$$ and the Japanese ¥¥¥ have both dropped in value as well as many other currencies. Peoples’ net worth and savings have been in decline also since the banks have been in trouble. Larger banks and financial institutions have stopped lending to one another and to many people.

The banks have not trust amongst each other now and are approving as many loans as they once were. In fact, many of the larger banks have become so strict with their loan policies that they will not approve loans to people that do not have the best credit ratings. Banks have quickly become risk averse.

Before the crisis, the banks were handing out loans to pretty much anyone who applied. Now that the banks are in serious trouble, they are forcing people to accept higher interest rates than ever before, even for those who have great credit.

It seems that anyone who needs a small business loan or many other types of loans should greatly consider independent lenders over the larger banks and financial institutions. Independent lenders are now the leaders for the best loan option.

These lenders are not troubled with this crisis in the same way that the banks are and can give loans out to people with fair interest rates, even to those people who do not have the best credit. There are many different independent lenders to choose from and many of them can be accessed online.

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Mar 12

Most drivers would be delighted if their car came with a silk-lined interior.

Whether it’s such an appealing prospect on the outside is another matter.

This is the sight that greeted one unlucky motorist when he returned to his vehicle in Rotterdam.

Under a giant silk cocoon created by an army of caterpillars, the shape of a Honda is just about visible.

The car was mistaken as food by spindle ermine larvae, which had already begun to strip a nearby tree of its leaves.

Spindle ermines weave silk webs to protect themselves from birds and wasps, allowing them to gorge on leaves for six weeks before transforming into butterflies.

Eight species live in Britain and their webs can be seen throughout the country.

Their favoured tree is the spindle – which is often used in car parks and for lining motorways.

Stuart Hine of the Natural History Museum said: ‘It only takes a few days. But we aren’t talking about anything from Indiana Jones here.

They can bear a bit of weight but the car owner will be able to back the car out and clean it.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1188650/Thousands-marauding-caterpillars-trap-car-silky-web.html#ixzz0hyGgKzZE

Dec 22

When living organisms such as germs or viruses invade the human body, the tissues of the body undergo changes which help them to resist the poisons of the invader. By this reaction the tissues become immune to the poisons. Much depends on the virulence of the infections, the total number of germs invading, the place where they enter the body, the tissues or structures where they settle and grow. If you are susceptible to the infection, it will attack you; it may even overcome you. If you are resistant, the tissues of your body may develop antibodies which will overcome the germs or viruses or their poisons.

Certain environmental conditions may increase or lower your resistance to infection. Chilling of the body, excessive fatigue, absence of some essential nutritional substance, as proteins, or mineral salts or vitamins, or the presence of another disease at the same time may modify the resistance of the body to an invader.

The chemical composition of the invading organism may be significant in the way in which the body responds to it. An invading substance is known as an “antigen.” Usually the response of the body to an invading germ is specific against that germ or against that type of germ. Bacteria may contain a number of antigenic substances, against each of which the body will rebuild resistance. An example of an antibody against infections is the immune globulin. This is a protein substance found in blood, in which we now know are accumulated substances that help to resist various infections such as those of measles or poliomyelitis. In man, most of the antibodies are found in the immune globulin of the blood. The amount of antibody that develops is also governed by such factors as the amount of infectious material that gets into the body. The doctors find that they can help you build resistance by repeatedly injecting small doses of an infecting substance. We know that a child gets resisting substances from its mother in her blood at the time of birth and in the first material that comes from the breast when the child begins to nurse. This is called “colostrum“. The amount of antibodies may be unfavorably affected by starvation, exposure, reduced protein intake, alcoholism, or other poisoning.

Types Of Infection

For certain diseases there are certain specific types of causative germs, such as the viruses of measles, smallpox, infantile paralysis, or the germs that cause diphtheria, typhoid, gonorrhea or meningitis. The total number of germs, viruses, rickettsia, amebas, spirochetes, or other parasites that may infect the body reaches into thousands. Many germs have been described in groups according to their appearance under the microscope such as the streptococci that grow in chains, or the staphylococci that grow in clusters. The streptococci and the staphylococci may invade any portion of the human body and set up infection.

The Common Cold

Almost anyone can tell you right off when they have a cold, and yet there is no real agreement in the medical profession as to just what a common cold is. No single germ has yet been incriminated as the causative factor nor has any group of germs or viruses been established as responsible. At present the sequence of events seems to include a first period when the lining of the nose and throat seems to respond to some foreign invading substances by reddening and congestion and a profuse flow of mucus. With this may be frequent sneezing, stuffiness, difficulty in breathing, perhaps some fever, a feeling of lassitude, and some aching of the limbs.

Colds spread rapidly from one person to another, and the resistance established by having a cold lasts a very short time. Some people have many more colds than do others; the average for the country as a whole seems to be about four colds a year. Chilling, exposure to damp, sudden changes from a dry hot air to a cold damp atmosphere, sitting in a draft, getting the feet wet, and, particularly, working or playing in crowded rooms with others who have colds seem to be important factors in the spread of respiratory diseases.

The suggestions as to how to prevent frequent colds are numerous but some doubt prevails as to whether any of them really work. You may try to keep away from contact with others who have colds, but under the crowded conditions of our civilization this is well nigh impossible. People have tried wearing face masks or gauze or paper during epidemics, but they permit contamination. Use of ultraviolet in the air has seemed to be useful but carefully controlled experiments with this technique and with spraying medicated vapors in the air have not yielded conclusive results. Mothers have tried to harden children by frequent cold baths, going without stockings, and hats and similar methods. These methods do not work, and the unnecessary hardship makes the children unhappy.

Most colds get well in from five to ten days. Complications are fortunately now controlled by the use of the sulfonamides and antibiotic drugs. Some claims hold that colds can be cured by taking an antihistaminic drug during the first twenty-four hours of invasion; most experts doubt that this is specifically helpful. The congestion in the nose is relievable by the use of decongestant preparations such as menthol, camphor, privine, amphetamine and other preparations which the doctor must prescribe. People feel more comfortable if they go to bed, take some aspirin or a small dose of an alcoholic drink. Frequently a hot bath and plenty of fluids, such as citrus drinks, secure relief. Secondary coughs are controllable with a variety of remedies. Particularly feared as a complication is secondary pneumonia. The doctor watches for signs of this in rising temperature, congestion and pain in the lungs, signs of congestion which he hears with his stethoscope, or can detect by percussion, or see certainly with the X-ray. Fortunately again, such secondary infections are now controllable with the new drugs.

Dec 9

The noisy, polluting, gas guzzling giants are being tamed to look more demure and sophisticated, and how! The Scania Concept that we see here is a pure reflection of this new theory and is a bid to change the perception that trucks are the big bullies of the highway. It is designed to be eco-friendly and economical by using a diesel-electric hybrid engine. The innovative part comes on the wheel-hub design that sports indicative color-coded LEDs that point out speeding and other rules broken. The Scania Concept designed by Adam Palethorpe.

Dec 4

A choice young couple was to get married within a week. They eyes indicated their great anticipation of the important event and with strong evidence of their continuing caring for one another. Both of husband and wife had the advantages: college education, good homes and cultural experiences. They delightfully shared their personalities, plans and great potentials. Their relationship already seemed to develop on a loving basis.

However, their attitude towards one particular issue raised the concern. They started to reassess their coming partnership.

To the question,

who is going to manage the money?

With surprising and shocking, their answer was

We have not talked about that yet.

How important are money management and finances in marriage and family affair? The American Bar Association has indicated, tremendously, that 89 percent of all divorces can be traced to quarrels and accusations about money. It has also been estimated that 75 percent of divorces result from financial problems. Moreover, some professional counselors indicate that four of five families are trapped with very serious money problems.

That is not to say that those marriage tragedies are cause simply by lack of money. What they have faced was the mismanagement of personal finances.

For example, a prospective wife should concern less with the amount her future husband can earn in a month, but with how he will manage the money that comes into their hands. Likewise, a prospective husband who is engaged to a sweetheart would take another look to see if she has money-management sense.

The wind and waves will periodically interfere with our chosen course, even in financial matters. In the home, money management should be on a partnership basis, with both husband and wife having a voice in decision- and policy making. Now is the time for us to review to improve our money management skills and live within our means.

Nov 25

Foreclosure is a curse not only for the borrower but for the lender as well. As far as the lender is concerned, he too is in dilemma that he should go for the foreclosure or not. Therefore the borrower as well as the lender wants to keep a distance from this curse. In this article you will get an idea that how you can stop foreclosure.

There are many tricks for this. Some of them are as follows:

  1. The first trick which is coming to my mind is that you should give details to the lender about your position. Suppose you are suffering from poor economy then it is pretty sure that you will not be able to pay the installments. If this is a problem then you can tell about it to the lender. You should understand that the lenders are also human being. They will certainly understand your dilemma and provide you with some option. They might transform your loan.
  2. The second trick which can be helpful for you is the short sale. This is yet an added trick. In this case the lender agrees to surrender to some level. In this kind of trick not only the borrower is in loss but the lender is also in loss. But, let me tell you one thing that with mutual understanding both of them is able to reduce the loss to a great level. Hence, short sale is unquestionably very profitable.
  3. The third thing is the loan mitigation. In order to explain the loan mitigation I would like to take the example of loan modification. In this case the lending company provides substitutes to the borrower. Some of them might turn out to be reasonable and the borrower will be able to pay the installment. Thus they will be saved from the above curse.
  4. Yet another trick is the stimulus plan of Obama. You should know that our president Obama has sanctioned some money for this purpose. You can claim your share and hence pay back your dues and you will be saved from the above curse.
  5. In fact the foreclosure problem arises when the cost of your house goes low and it is not able to recompense your loan. This means that even if you sell your house, then as well you will not be able to pay back your loan. But you should be in contact with your real estate agent. He might have some answer as well.
Nov 16

One of the reasons why many people find it extremely difficult to keep up with a good credit score rating in credit score scale is by spending indiscriminately and not keeping track of their financial transactions. That is the reason why their bad credit scores plummet from being a respectable score to being a score which is definitely not going to incorporate a feeling of security in the minds of financial money lending institutions.

So, to understand what a credit score is and to raise your credit score, one needs to know that it is the figure which is going to be referred to, by a financial company, when you apply to it for a loan. The idea is that if a client has a reputation of paying his bills in time, he is definitely going to pay off the outstanding amount in matters of the loan which he is taken from the company and will raise your credit score. This loan can take the shape of mortgage, auto loan, student loan and any other sort of loan, which calls for a large amount of money to be borrowed from a creditor.

So it is extremely important that one knows the importance of good credit score which will raise your credit score. Some people have a tendency of buying a number of credit cards, because the deals which came with them were so attractive and they think that having a number of credit cards will raise your credit score. That means that they are under the impression that any sort of outstanding bills on the credit cards are going to be managed in a methodical manner, by them, because they are financial experts and know credit repair secrets. Soon they find themselves in all sorts of financial problems, because they cannot settle the bills. They cannot even repay the loans. The credit score of such clients is definitely going to drop drastically in credit score scale, because they have already gotten a negative rating from their creditors. One thing, which you should not do in order to raise your credit score on credit score scale is maxing out on your credit cards, because you went on a spending spree. This is going to have an adverse affect on your credit scores, especially when you do not have that much money to pay off your bills at hand.

That is the reason why many people find their credit card rating and credit scores dropping off, after they default on a number of long-overdue payments. This is definitely going to show up adversely upon your credit card statement and report, and that is the first thing a financial institution is going to be looking for, when you ask them for a loan. What you need to do is to raise your credit score rating by paying your bills promptly and in time. A credit card is definitely not a means of supplementing your income; you have to pay the piper sometime. Once you understand this, you can have a healthy credit score in credit score scale in future.

Oct 27

Recently released statistics show that the condom is now an equally popular method of contraception as the pill in women under the age of 50. The Office of National Statistics surveyed 1,093 women under the age of 50 and approximately 25% of all young women (a total of 50%) now use each method. This follows a Department of Health campaign aimed at encouraging them to carry a condom. An additional 11% use partner sterilisation, 6% use self sterilisation and 11% long acting hormonal contraception. The use of NHS community contraception clinics is also on the increase, being used by 1.3 million people last year, which is an increase of 7% on the previous year.

The other advantage, noted by the head of policy at the Terrence Higgins Trust, is that a condom also offers protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). The reliability of condoms is heavily dependent on them being used consistently and correctly and for this reason, women should not become complacent. There is some evidence that, if used correctly, the condom is actually just as reliable as the pill with the chance of becoming pregnant in one year assessed at around 2%. Viagra online is the most quick-acting among erectile dysfunction drugs.

The fact that the condom offers increased protection against STI’s is the main reason cited for the increase in condom use, although half of young single people said that the publicity had not changed their behaviours regarding condom use or one-night stands. The Office of National Statistics also showed that a third of men said that their use of condoms was increasing and 6% were taking fewer risks by having vey short relationships with women that they did not know well.

The male condom is more reliable than the female version in preventing STI’s but even the male version is not 100% safe in preventing exposure to some sores such as those associated with herpes caused by the HPV virus. The male condom also has the advantage that there are few side effects apart from possibly an allergic reaction to the latex from which it is made. The pill, on the other hand, does have a number of known side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. In rare cases it can cause blood clots in the legs or lungs. In its favour, the Royal College of General Practitioners have reported that the contraceptive pill reduces the risk of developing cancer by up to 12%.

However you approach the subject, the real decision is down to you as an individual. Whilst the available evidence is that the use of condoms has significantly increased, mainly down to the fear of STI’s and other infections, the real attraction of the pill is that it allows real contact between sexual partners and also allows the man to ejaculate inside his partner. If this attraction is greater than the fear of sexually transmitted diseases then ultimately the pill will win favour and return to prominence as a method of contraception.